We believe in fostering all aspects of a young child’s development: social, emotional, physical, intellectual and cognitive.

We believe in guiding each child to help him or her gain the social coping skills and emotional stability to live with others in a complex and crowded society. We strive to have each child develop a positive self-image and learn that he or she is a good and able person.

We believe that physical competence enhances self-esteem; therefore, each day begins with the children’s use of our two outdoor playgrounds and extensive outdoor equipment.

We believe in the concept—supported by child-development psychologist Jean Piaget—that children learn through active involvement in first-hand experiences established within a context of self- or teacher-initiated play. As a result, our curriculum includes nature and science activities, number games and problem solving, free expression through art materials, songs, stories, discussions and other language activities appropriate to each age level.

We believe that parents are an integral part of the education of their children and all benefit greatly through regular parent participation in the classroom and parent-teacher conferences. Parents serve on the Board of Trustees and on various committees. They also employ the professional staff, provide for continuing enrollment, and ensure financial stability.

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