Our programs focus on providing our children with the opportunity to explore new topics, subjects and ideas.

General Information: Enrichment classes offer an extended day to students currently enrolled in our Pre-K program.
Enrichment is offered in two sessions: Fall (October-January) and Spring (February-May).
Each session consists of 8-12 classes and explores various topics. Enrollment is limited to twelve children.
Children will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is not complete until a deposit is received.

Enrichment Class Descriptions:

Yoga: Children will have fun learning beginner yoga movements with their instructor, Krissy Anthony. No previous experience required. Open to both boys and girls. Please bring a yoga mat.


Lunch & Literacy: Children will bring and eat their lunches at school and engage in a variety of literacy experiences. Teacher Emily Merle will use books as springboards, which provide opportunities for children to practice literacy skills, engage in special activities and explore author studies. Focus will be placed on the development of vocabulary and sentence structure, phonological awareness and letter knowledge.


Dazzling Dramatics: Taught by Simone Baccone, children will be inspired to go on imaginative journeys as they act out their favorite fairy tales, engage in theater games and movement activities.  The goal of this class is to develop self-confidence, language and social skills through the exploration of performance.


Spanish & Movement: Peggy Pagan Packman leads this gross motor skills-development program through exposure and introduction to the Spanish language.  The children will be moving and learning basic Spanish, all while having fun, playing games and exercising.  The class size is limited to ten. * Children must wear sneakers; comfortable, athletic-type clothing is strongly recommended. Please bring a water bottle.


STEM (Explorations): Taught by school director, Francie Cohn, the “Explorations” class uses the children’s inherent sense of inquiry to provide the foundation for each class Each day begins with a specific topic and/or question, about which the children problem solve and investigate to gain further knowledge. Through exploration and activities, scientific vocabulary is also introduced.


The Children’s Music Workshop: This workshop is designed to playfully develop musical competence and to introduce students to some of the great musical composers and compositions. Taught by our own GCNS music teacher, Krysta Ferrera, this class presents activities and materials in addition to the students’ in-school music program.


Soccer Shots: Inspiring and engaging coaches from Soccer Shots focus on skill-building and character advancement through a developmentally-appropriate curriculum in this fun soccer program. * Children must wear sneakers; comfortable, athletic-type clothing is strongly recommended.
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