Founded in 1951, the Garden City Nursery School (GCNS) is a parent cooperative institution that offers three educational programs—Playgroup (2 year olds), Nursery (3 year olds), and an extended day Pre-K (4 year olds).

As of the 2020-2021 school year, we have a total of 88 students under the guidance of 17 faculty and administration. We are proud of our strong legacy, as a high percentage of parents at GCNS are alumni who have chosen to continue their relationship with our school to create wonderful memories with and for their own children.

What sets GCNS apart? GCNS…

  • Is the only nursery school in Garden City registered with the New York Department of Education employing State-Certified Head Teachers.
  • Is the only school in Nassau County designed and built specifically as an early-childhood facility—as most early-childhood facilities are converted spaces. Designed as a completely child-based establishment, our property includes climbing trees, a tire swing, bicycle paths, sandboxes, playhouses, and more. We offer children a place to develop through play and the opportunity to explore nature.
  • Incorporates a play-based curriculum to maximize the children’s growth. Self-directed activities enhance the children’s confidence and their gross motor, fine motor, socialization and speech skills.Employs a Readiness Program to prepare children for the New York State Early Learning Standards.
  • Is much more than a school; it is a community.
  • Prioritizes parent communication via direct participation in the classroom and open dialogue with teachers about each child’s unique needs.
  • Focuses our family-centered program on parent-child development and familial support throughout each child’s education.
  • Promotes friendship and a sense of community among our families with well-attended, organized social events.
  • Allows parents to experience their child’s pre-school classroom firsthand and gain helpful parenting skills during participating parent days.
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