Welcome to our website. I’m Francie, the Educational Director of Garden City Nursery School.

The Garden City Nursery School is a unique community of learners – a cooperative – where children, parents and teachers all grow and develop together as they interact in the classroom. We focus on all domains of development (social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional) and nurture and engage the whole child at each age and stage.

When children feel safe, happy and secure, they thrive.

At GCNS, the children are active participants in their own learning. They have hands-on experiences with real materials to build their understanding of themselves and their world. The program is based on developmentally appropriate principles and curriculum and incorporates Swiss educator Jean Piaget’s philosophy that children construct knowledge through active involvement.

Play is the tool children use to discover knowledge; it keeps learning fun, engaging and meaningful.

Our approach allows children to explore with all their senses, make observations, solve problems, learn academic skills, forge relationships and develop an understanding of the world while becoming self-confident, independent, social people. We meet each child where they are and move them forward at their own pace in our supportive and nurturing environment.

Our graduates are able to access and apply their knowledge and skills in new situations:

they develop self-control, focus, perseverance and coping skills to meet new challenges
they have the self-help and communication skills to meet their own needs, and
they have relationship strategies to embrace the community.

They develop life skills so they’re well prepared for kindergarten and for academic success, and an enthusiasm for learning.

I hope you’ll come visit our school soon, so I can give you a non-virtual tour.


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