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Mark Your Calendars

  • December 1: Last Maintenance for Fall, 7-10am
  • December 24 – January 1: No School; Holiday Recess
  • January 2: School re-opens
Potluck Supper – A Great Evening!

Our first social function of the year, the Pot Luck Supper, was a resounding success! The school was packed with 130 parents!! Our families had a great time catching up with friends and making new ones. A special thank you to all members who brought a wonderful selection of food.

Hospitality chairs, Eileen Perry and Megan Sorrentino and their committee planned a first rate evening. Our nursery school was re-incarnated into an adult space with a beautiful autumn touch.

The evening’s excitement was heightened by the fast bidding on fabulous packages put together by our Auction/Raffle Committee. A big round of applause to Carolina Martin, Kristin Eberle and their amazing team. They did an extraordinary job of putting together a tremendous list of packages with a beautiful presentation. Our spirited auctioneer, Matthew Mohan, kept the bidding at a quick pace that added excitement and enthusiasm. The auction packages and raffles netted over $11,000! – a superb beginning toward our total fund fundraising goal.

A very special thank you to Mary Sievers, President and Bridgette Mastaglio, VP of Fundraising for their untiring guidance throughout the planning process.They supported both committees to make this event a spectacular success.

Our fall fundraising efforts have been a resounding success!  Miss Chocolate raised over $4000 for the school! Thank you to Kelly Cassaro for organizing and the Cassaro family, Bridget Maier and Mary Sievers for distribution.

Holiday WreathsHoliday wreaths and baskets full of fresh greenery have been on display in the lobby. All orders will be delivered the first week of December. Thank you to Mary Sievers for coordinating this festive holiday fundraiser.
Registration 2019-20

Registration for the next school year is under way. Some classes are almost full! We have been giving many tours to families in the community. If you are planning to re-register, please contact the office. Let us know if you have any questions.

     Welcome to the World!
Big sister Isabel and big brother Joseph Porto welcomed Cecilia Frances on September 27.  She weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 19 in long.
Leonardo Macaluso was born October 26.  He weighed 8lbs 11oz. Big sister Giuliana is overjoyed!
Maintenance Session

Our last maintenance session of the fall semester will be December 1st, from 7-10 am. Each family is required to attend one of three maintenance sessions scheduled for the fall (or pay a fee of $125). If you were unable to attend one of the sessions, but would like to fulfill the required maintenance with a special project, please talk to Francie.

When In Doubt, Dress To Go Out
We always go outside for at least a few minutes (unless it rains). Please make sure your child is dressed with a jacket, hat, gloves/mittens, and on very cold days, snow pants and water-resistant boots.  Please send in a pair of shoes to wear indoors when boots come off (extra socks, too). Label your child’s outerwear—there are lots of black snow pants in the same size!

For our  two- and three-year-olds, remember to update your child’s extra clothes to winter clothing.

The Traveling Wilderness Musuem

On November 30th, “The Traveling Wilderness Museum” also known as Tipi Ted, will come to our school. The “museum” offers in-school programs on Native American life. Children will help build a tipi, and learn about native lifestyles.  The children will complete an age appropriate take-home craft and explore additional hands-on learning centers to round out the experience.

Sing Along Time!Here is a song your children have been singing during this beautiful autumn season.


“Five Little Leaves”

5 little leaves all bright and gay

Dancing about on a tree one day

Wind came blowing through the town,


One little leaf came tumbling down,

Dat, dat, dat, dat, dat…


4 little leaves…

3 little leaves. . ..

2 little leaves . . .

1 little leaf …


A math and literacy (rhyming) experience while singing and playing!


Celebrations and Holidays at GCNS

The main ingredient for successful holiday activities in nursery school is the same as for all good early childhood curricula. We plan engaging activities that are developmentally appropriate and have meaning to the children. We continue to support the children’s developmental need for familiar routines during this busy, often over-stimulating season. It is our experience that is best not to make the holiday the entire focus of the curriculum for an extended time.

For two-year-olds, we introduce simple songs and books in class before the holidays occur. At home, parents can continue the discussion after a holiday, when children’s experiences with their families are fresh in their minds.

Our three-year-olds are ready for activities that reflect what their families do at home. They are sensory oriented and need opportunities to smell, touch, and listen to focus their attention and help them make meaningful connections to family celebrations. Our threes love holiday related books and songs.

Our four-year-olds are ready for conversation about holidays! Many will remember celebrations from last year and will want to help with decorations and preparations at home. Four-year-olds are able to understand simple information about the meaning of holidays. Songs and books are also favorites.

Art activities for all our children focus on the process of creating more than the final product. We provide materials in the colors of the season so children can explore all media. Many of these activities involve small motor skills like pincer grip, math, science, and social development (working together or waiting for a turn).

Holidays are times of anticipation and preparation, festive feelings, warmth, and family togetherness.  We love to honor the wide-ranging traditions of all families as an important part of the connection between home and school.

Local Events

Eglevsky Ballet presents “The Nutcracker”
December 15 at 1 and 5pm
December 16 at 2pm
Tilles Center for the Performing Arts:

Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony
December 1 at 4:15pm
Belmont Lake State Park:

Holiday Train Show 
November 17-January 21 from 10am-6pm
New York Botanical Garden:

Jones Beach Magic of Lights Drive-Through Show
November 16-December 30 at 5pm

Also, check out this list of holiday performances at BroadHollow at Elmont Children’s Theatre

Coppie’s Corner: The Urge To Nudge

All parents are victims of the urge to nudge. Most of us send our children to nursery school to have friends and play amicably with others. When, on some participation day, our child seems more engrossed in individual activities than with his peers, the urge to nudge toward social play overcomes us.

First remember that there is a progression in the development of play. The infant and toddler are accumulating a database. He is on a scientific voyage of discovery, investigating the properties of matter: gravity (things fall down), water (slips through fingers), and other such important concerns, as well as learning to manage his body and use his speech. Others on the same journey are good to have along, unless they get in the way. Play is parallel at two and three. As children become four, they join together in common projects in the block room or house area, or on the playground—learning to negotiate with each other for turf and to enjoy each other’s company.

Nevertheless, every child needs to remove himself from the group from time to time in order to pursue some individual project or problem—alone, and guarded from interference by another child or adult, and guarded from the “urge to nudge.”  In play, the choice is the child’s.

~ Coppie, GNCS Founder

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